Game Assets

Game assets

So far I had the opportunity to create characters, their appearance, and facial expressions. 

It is great to see the characters alive in the game.


Moses the game

I designed about 20 textures for the 3D characters, created with Unity. For each character, I prepared a separate set of emotions, lips, and eyes. The game is still in progress.

Moses the game takes place in ancient Egypt, around age 1553-1533 BC. Textures are designed for such characters as:

  • Main hero
  • Several Egyptian men and women
  • Several Hebrew men and women
  • Pharaoh
  • Clerc
  • Moses
  • Other 



Each character has its own set of expressions, such as:

  • angry
  • disgusted
  • happy
  • normal
  • sad
  • scared
  • surprized




Moron the game

I designed the main hero’s head and facial expressions. The body, background, and general appearance of the game was designed by another artist. Unfortunately the game has not been released. It’s a pity, because it had a really unique watercolor style. I hope that in the future I will be able to return to this project.

Click on the head to see the GIF.

Also available in: polski